Why Choose Us?


Quite simply, LOVE

We know no one can come close to loving your pet as much as you do – but we’d love to try! Each day is a new dawn and way for us to spend time with our own pets and those we care for. We pride ourselves on getting those tails waggin’ the minute they see us. 


We pride ourselves on giving lots of TLC in a dignified and disciplined manner. From the shy ones to the high energy ones, we love them all.  

Individualized Care

We recognize that each pet has a unique personality and a unique set of needs. We listen closely to what you want for your pet’s care. No cookie-cutter approach with us! We offer compatible companions for dogs that need socializing, we run with dogs that need a good run, and we offer field trips to the local dog parks.

Reliability and Follow-up

We stick to our commitments. The only “dropped balls” we want to see are those coming out of your pup’s mouth, not because we weren’t there when you needed us. 


We can tailor our services to your needs: daily walks or check ins, periodic vacation coverage, walks or care when you have to work longer hours than expected.   

We Run a Tight Ship

Our company is insured and bonded, we’re trained in pet first aid and adhere closely to the Pet Sitters Code of Ethics (see below).

Pet Sitters Associates Code of Ethics:

I will treat every pet as if it were my own. 

I will be dependable and responsible at all times.

I will have an honest and trustworthy relationship with my customers. 

I will respect and protect my customer’s home and property. 

I will always keep my promises and fulfill my commitments.